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Republique Centr’Afrique

We have shipments in progress of tools, metalstructures and machineries destined to the Rep.Centr’Afrique. The goods orign from India, Middle East, US East Coast and China DAP and DDP terms.  The All Risks insurance, war,strikes and civil commotion included, it is arranged by us thru top rating insurers. They are several TEUS. At the end […]


1000 w/m abt of diving equipments and accessories have been moved both from Italy and Egypt to Libya thru Tunisia. Cargo has been loaded on board of liner vessels, then transhipped onto a supply vessel at Zarzis in order to join the offshore platforms where the works for maintanance are required. Trailers, special equipments and […]

Ship’s equipments. Gas movements. Hazardous

We’ve just achieved a contract of logistics to handle, to move and to clear helium and oxygen from several producers and depots placed in Italy, UK, Malta to supply vessels, barges, offshore platforms in Mediterranean. The gas is transported by ADR trucks/trailers to the ports whereas the vessels are berthed in order to be used […]

Multimodal Italy-Sweden

Over than 1500 cbm of small van trailers from Bari to Linkoping, Sweden (Ikea zone) by multimodal transport. It was effected along the Adriatic way. Very fast transit time from door to door. The whole transportation service of all products spent less than two weeks, from collection of first package to final delivery of the […]

Stuffing and lashing

We are used to arrange stuffing and lashing of goods to be containerized both into GP units and special equipment. Our works can be certified by the expected surveillors in accordance with the contract terms and letter of credit negotiation.    


We are handling several consignments to Ukraine, especially by truck. We are able to offer insurance covers at All Risks terms and conditions according to the Institute Cargo Clause. Indeed very few freight forwarders are able to offer such insurance policies. Our italian offices arrange logistics plans jointly with our local partners and in accordance […]

4th PL

The 4th Logistics Provider handles all the outsourcing services on behalf the manufacturers and/or traders. It keeps in touch with all the suppliers involved in the supply chain like carriers, depots, clearing agents, harbour and airport enterprises to undertake the movements and storage of cargo worldwide. It is the partner of the customer and it […]

Cross Trades

We carry out fifty percent roughly of consignments as cross trades. They are shipments, airfreight, trucking and so on originated in a foreign country and destined to a foreign country. In this case too we issue and release our own documents according to the customers’ needs, if any.


We arrange several kind of packaging for both abnormal cargo and products declared sensitive, perishable, frozen, chilled, hazardous.

Multimodal transportation services

We move cargo thru all the expected ways like: vessel, barge, air, truck, rail both multimodal or single mode based upon the plan agreed with the customers.