Shipping to Kuwait

International Shipping to Kuwait of standard,
oversized and refrigerated cargo

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Custom Regulations on Cargo Shipments in Kuwait

Custom Clearnce Process

Custom Clearance Documents for Commercial Cargo

  • IKRAR- Declaration from the consignee that agent is authorized to clear the cargo on the consignee’s behalf

  • Import/Export license from consignee (if you don’t have an import/export license you must apply for a temporary license)

  • Commercial trading license of consignee

  • Civil id copy of the authorized signatory — this should be supported by the signature list of the company

  • Authorization letter from the company — for the driver to load the cargo

Shipping Documents Required

  • Delivery Order – Delivery order issued by the carrier

  • Certificate of origin – Attested by Chamber of commerce

  • Commercial Invoice – Attested by chamber of commerce

  • Packing list – From the supplier

US MILITARY Import / Export Documentation

  • Imports to Kuwait from the U.S. require three certified and legalized copies of the commercial invoice, three copies of the bill of lading, and a certificate of origin.

  • List Title 2

    List Content goes here

  • List Title 3

    List Content goes here

The certificate of origin should:

  • be duly certified by a U.S. Chamber of Commerce or the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce. Legalization is done by the Kuwait Consulate in New York City, or by the Kuwait Embassy in Washington, D.C.

  • Contain the full name of the manufacturing plant or producer as well as the full name of the freight forwarder show the means of transportation

  • Indicate the country of origin.

  • Invoices and documents should be available to the importer before the arrival of goods in Kuwait, as goods cannot be cleared through customs without these documents.

New custom rule effective 19 October 2017 onwards

  • All FCL / LCL shipments, IMPORT/EXPORT cargo must be palletized.

  • If cargo is found to be non-palletized upon custom inspection the container/cargo will be stopped by customs

  • Customs will issue a penalty fee of KD 80 to the customer directly and additional service charges are subject to apply.

  • The container/cargo will only be released once such fees have been paid in full