Shipping to Iran

International Shipping to Iran of standard,
oversized and refrigerated cargo

Vademecum for the companies with 10 rules for business in Iran

Given the situation in the country, with the continuous updating of the legislation, we recommend to you to contact us in order to verify the state of the transport regulations at the time of shipment.

  • To check if the interruption of sanctions is applied to the  products to be exported

  • To exploit the iranian potential to make the company international

  • To monitor  custom procedures

  • To check the permitted ways of payment ( must not involve USA subjects)

  • Contracts must respect standard and specific provisions expected both at national and international level

  • To check the expected sanctions’ evolution

  • To verify that the Iranian counterparts are not in the list of subject that are still sanctioned even after 16th Jan 2016.

  • To protect its investments, in a country with an unclear and full of holes normative contest

  • To promote  business in Iran developping relationships with local partners

  • To know and monitor  the evolutin of iranian normative contest