Trasporti Internazionali Cameroon

Spedizioni Internazionali Cameroon: trasporti eccezionali, pesanti, fuori sagoma e/o refrigerati

Documenti necessari per il trasporto o transito di Materiale Bellico in Cameroon

Documentazione per il Cameroon:

  • Commercial invoice (or valued packing list)

  • Packing list

  • BESC/ECTN/ASHI: Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaison (in French) or Electronic Cargo Tracking Note/Advance Shipment Information

  • Message Porté: to be requested by the Consignee and obtained from the Presidence of Cameroon

Per merce in transito e con destinazione finale in CAR:

  • « F2 »: Document requesting the exemption for duties and taxes in CAR. This document has to be issued by the Consignee