Multimodal transport sea/air – land/air – sea/land/air

We are used to offer the above mentioned multimodal services for goods destined to destinations are difficult to reach
and/or whereas the airfreight rates are very expensive. In such a case the transportation services are planned even by
vessel, truck or rail, further to the aircraft. Thus the relevant freight rates are much cheaper than usual airfreight only.
The delivery times are not so much longer than pure airfreight partly because the airfreight only is managed and handled
by the carriers who often don’t meet the expectations advised at the time of booking both for direct service and especially for
transhipments. In fact,often, the transhipments are not arranged in accordance with the flight plans and goods arrive later
than expected.
The destinations to where we are mostly used to offer such services are the south east Asia, sub indian continent, Central Asia.
Goods origin not only from Europe as several consignments are cross trades.
The awb is released by us according to the italian and EU rules.