ACI Declaration – New Egyptian customs’ regulation

ACID (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration) for cargo to Egyptian ports
Pursuant to the Custom Law 207/2020, please be informed that the Ministry of Finance issued a new Decree. (no. 38), for which becomes mandatory to indicate the shipments identity number (ACI number) for all cargo destined to Egypt.

The ACID system has been implemented with the aim to make available to the Egyptian Customs the shipments details before departure from the country of origin.

The code shall be requested from the receiver and notified to the shipper who’s obliged to report it on all documents covering the shipment, included bls and cargo manifests .

In the absence of such indication or in case of wrong code, or in case the data does not match with what stated from the receiver to the Customs, the goods in subject won’t be discharged and the Shipping Company will be obliged to return it to the pol.
The Shipping Company reserves the right not to ship the goods in absence of the ACID code, and to retain the client responsible for all costs accrued from a possible rejection of the shipment from the Egyptian Customs, due to missing or wrong declaration.

Hence, as from 01/04/21 a trial period of application will start, and then as from 01/07/21 the ACI number indication will become compulsory .

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