Shipping to Iraq via Umm Qasr

Ocean Import to Iraq via Umm Qasr of standard,
oversized or refrigerated cargo

Foreign Military Sale (FMS) Cargo

Only FMS (Foreign Military Sales) cargo is entitled for levy exemption as per the latest agreement between the Iraqi Government, US Government and US Army.

Required Documents for processing the LEW

  • Levy Exemption Form (Move One will fill it out)

  • Releasing Agency Authorization (Authorization letter for Move One)

  • Copy of the award page of the contract

  • Shipping documents (BOL, packing list, commercial invoice)

Once we have a copy of all above listed documents, we can fill out the Levy Exemption Form (Excel format) and send the application to the Levy Exemption Waiver Office via email. It could take few days until we receive the approval or request for further documentation, clarification.

  • Tax Exemption:

    The LEW form is accepted at Umm Qasr as duty exemption only. Tax exemption will need to be obtained from Central Tax office in Baghdad otherwise 3.25% tax will need to paid at the border.  Obtaining the Tax exemption would require assistance from Department of State or Department of Defense, we as a freight forwarder will not be able to apply directly.

  • LEW:

    In 4-6 days we could get a copy of the approved LEW then we will need to get an additional confirmation via email from the Iraqi Levy Waiver Office that clarifies to Customs at Umm Qasr that the LEW form is valid and shipment is duty exempted. It would take 8-10days from day of submission of the documents till we get the final confirmation on the LEW.

Important notes:

  • On the LEW we can put estimated weight and estimated number of pallets as long as the actual weight and number of pallets are less we can import the shipment without any problems. If the actual quantity was more than what we have on the LEW then we should obtain a new LEW.
  • It is recommended to keep the shipments at the Origin until the approved Levy Exemption Form is received to minimize the airport storage. Iraqi Airways does not give any free days.

Required documents:

  • Original BOL

  • Original Packing list

  • Original Commercial Invoice attested by the Iraqi Embassy at the origin

  • Original Certificate of Origin attested by the Iraqi Embassy at the origin