14th March : Mozambique is destroyed by Cyclone Idai which devasted the 90% of area around Beira port.

The main streets are collapsed and the town now seems an “island in the ocean”.

Fortunately during these days it has been possible to restored :

  • communication for some mobile operators, although only in certain parts of Beira (city centre, Baixa, Manga etc) ;
  • Beira container terminal (unfortunately, Customs & Kudumba (Scanning) not yet fully operational)

  • Depot

Although transport outside of Beira district remains challenging.

Cargo destined for Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi (ex Beira) not yet possible at this stage, due to flooding of national roads including road surface damage.

Expectation is that cross-border container traffic will be possible towards end March, although this may be delayed further.

Distretto di Nicoadala, Mozambico, 19 marzo (World Food Programme via AP)