L’Italia è il terzo partner commerciale in Europa, dopo Germania e Regno Unito, per numero di investimenti in Corea del Sud. L’Italia è passata dal 26esimo posto nella classifica dei fornitori della Corea del Sud (nel 2013) al 19esimo posto di tre anni dopo. Per questo è importante conoscere le regolamentazioni dei trasporti:

1. Both importer & exporter need business lisence for customs in Korea.

2. All cargo must have CLEAR original mark on the commodity when import into Korea, such as : Made in China.

3. All electronic products or products with plugs, battery etc will request KC certificates come into Korea.

4. All food commodity import into Korea must request food quarantine (original), component content manufacturing process flow which including commodity of cup, bowl, tableware etc.

5. All shipments import into Korea must submit EDI (buyer tax number) minimum 24 hours before ETA of Korean working days. Or, penalty will be occur.

6. Road Limitation of Korea 20’Dry : 18.0 MT cargo weight 40’Dry : 23.0 MT cargo weight 45’Dry : 22.0 MT cargo weight 20’RF : 17.5 MT cargo weight 40’RF : 22.0 MT cargo weight The weight of truck, trailer, container tare and cargo all together must not exceed 40.0 MT and that the pressure on each axle must not exceed to 10.0 MT. Height : Limitation is 4.20 meters on the road and 3 meters by rail (OOG-pieces upto 4.5 meters might be allowed depending on route to factory location) Length : Limitation is 19 meters. IF over weight or special cargo, please must pre-discuss with your handling agent in Korea (Smart Logistics Co., Ltd Koea)

7. basic documents for both export and import in Korea, copy of business license, packing list, invoice

8. FTA : Free trade agreement , need copy of C/O may reduce duty or no duty in Korea

9. VAT of Korea is 10% (CIF+duty)

10. If exhibition cargo, sports game, conert cargo will request ATA carnet by original in Korea

11. For return cargo or re-sell cargo when cargo arrived into Korea, without original consignee’s approval, nothing can be changed in Korea.

12. Copy products or cargo tort will be hold by customs of Korea

13. If under-invoice value or conceal declare for customs, may customs inspection and re-value by customs or penalty happen in Korea.

14. FTA Korea and China, not including Hong Kong and Macao, it means POL must be mainland ports of China.

15. The new company first time import or export in Korea, 100% customs inspections.

16. The company had inspection record in Korea, all their further cargo import or export will be inspection 100% till good record in the system.

17. Car (NEW or USED) belongs to DG cargo in Korea

19. Normal customs delcearance may take 1-5hours in Korea.

20. LCL cargo import into Korea, no free storage at all, and warehouse fee subject to the cargo value, if your cargo value super high and not volume cargo, please use air into Korea.

21. Air cargo only through international air port of Incheon (ICN) Korea

22. DG cargo mainly use sea port of Busan and Ulsan Korea

23. Seoul is an inland city, you have to use sea port of Incheon or Incheon airport, and do not use Busan port, Busan around 700KM away from Seoul which trucking cost super high.

24. For break bulk vessel loading and unloading, cost will subject rainning day, night time working, weekend, 50% will increased

25. JEJU is an island of Korea no container liner services, if you have cargo to Jeju, please send to Busan port, we will take it over from Busan.

26. If you have any cargo urgently need to be shiped out from China, but no space or can not catch up the schedule, you may try the route China-Korea (bonded transit)-worldwide destination, because most of ports from China to Busan Korea, only take 1-3 days.

27. If you have any volume cargo by air can not secure the space from air ports of China, you may sea China to Korea and air out from Korea (Incheon air port=ICN)

28. If you have any urgent cargo from/ to Russian area, you can also try to send cargo via Korea, it’s only 2 days TT from Korea to Vladivostok by sea.

29. If you have any urgent cargo from/to Japan, you may also try to use bonded transit services via Korea, we have daily ferry services 1day TT between Korea and Japan