Ing. Giovanni Veronesi – Purchasing Manager – LOCATELLI CRANE S.R.L.

Greenshields Project Cargo srl is one of our main logistic provider since many years. Willingness, Expertise, problem solving attitude are the basic features of their service.
We appreciate the attention they have for the client requirements, the pleasant and skillful assistance, the organizational set up.
For all these reasons we keep on trusting on Greeshields Project Cargo services and cooperation also in the future.

Loredana Lualdi – Administration Manager – BONO Energia S.P.A.

Greenshields Project Cargo is in the Bono Energia’s Shipping Vendor List since more than ten years.
It is deemed one of the most reliable freight forwarder used by our company.
We jointly planned multimodal shipments of our own projects destined to Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Iraq as well as a lot of shipments of generators forwarded worldwide.
In these years of experience we always got the availability, courtesy, efficiency as well as the skill for planning the services and problem solving in any event met in the routing upto final destinations even if hard and difficcult to reach.
The results have been good. It is why we work and we’ll continue working with Greenshields Project Cargo.

Silvia Gambella – Sales & Marketing – CO.ME.T. OFFICINE S.R.L

For several years we have been working with Greenshields Project Cargo Srl and let them carry out our shipments by sea worldwide. We are really satisfied of the rapid, reliable and efficient service, and of the competent and helpful personnel, which is always careful to customer’s requirements.

Alessandro Bustaffa – Bioethic Group Srl

Cristiano Boldrini – Operations Manager – VER-MAR S.R.L.

I found in Greenshields Project Cargo a strong cooperation, more than a supplier only. The professionalism of the staff, the assistance and
committement to solve any problem for logistics. The several offers submitted, the multiplicity of them, it makes us able to choice the opportunities,
the fitting solution and best service compared with the price thru their continuous support.
Furthermore, my customers and I have been also able to catch business thanks to the cooperation with Greenshields Project Cargo who deeply checked
to optimize the costs and to get competitive prices for transportation and logistics services.
I work with several companies, but let me say I find in Greenshields Project Cargo the proofessionalism, reliability, availability I deem as unique.